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Thankfully, the Hangover movie franchise has done much to inform us of the potential perils of the Night Before. Nowadays, people are wise enough NOT to have the Bachelor/Hen party within 24 hours of walking down the aisle. After all, who knows what may happen? In between run-ins with wild tigers and encounters with Mike Tyson, it’s not a good idea to leave anything up to chance. How, then, do people still screw up the night before their weddings? Here’s what not to do before the Big Day.

Don’t Drink Too Much at the Rehearsal Dinner

Sure, a civilised rehearsal dinner is a far cry from the rambunctiousness of a Hen Night or the swaggering tomfoolery of a Bachelor’s Party. But don’t be duped.  With all of the pre-wedding excitement in the air – as well as the elation of seeing out-of-town relatives and friends again – it’s easy to get sucked into the wine. Many people have rehearsal dinners with the very best of intentions – only to end up with their heads in toilet bowl and fearful intimations of the hangover to follow. Just don’t to it. And to all of the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen out there – you’re not off the hook either!

Keep Things Light and Easy

The night before your wedding is probably not a good time to have a Serious Talk with your significant other. If you’re feeling any pre-wedding jitters or cold feet, quietly turn to one of your good friends for a frank and open tete-a-tete. Do not drop any bombs on your spouse the night before. With emotions likely to be running high, the fallout will be ugly.

Don’t Fret About the Small Things

If you’re fretting about the napkins and canapés the night before the wedding – you’re doing it wrong! The sad truth is that by the time the 24-hour countdown rolls along, there’s very little you can do to change what’s already been planned. It’s time to let go. Relax in an indulgent bath, and start getting excited for the big day!

A relaxed pre-wedding evening, full of (sober) fun, friends and sleep, is exactly what you need to face the aisle in style!

The image for this post was taken at Ascot House.