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You have to agree it’s a good question. It’s not a tricky question, for us that is. We do this wedding thing twice a week, week in week out. For a couple getting married ie new to the game, it is a question you ask yourself but with no real hope of answering.

Well let me de-mystify it for you.

Registry Wedding

These guys are pro at the Registry. Even if you have a reading or two, the ceremony will last 10-15 minutes. You will have to get there a little earlier than your alloted time to sign a few things etc but that is also about the time your photographer should turn up. So including ceremony, congratulations, group and family photos you are looking at around an hour to hour and a half. Add another hour or so for some nice images around the gardens, Treasury building etc and your done. If you want to take in some graffiti and don’t mind a bit of a walk down to Hosier Lane. Total time required 2 -3 hours.


Civil Ceremony on location

So lets say we are having a lot bit of a bigger event and you would like to have some getting ready photos. the boys getting ready is usually really quick and most of the Guys HATE their photo being taken. So the idea here is to make it relaxed and fast flowing. 45 minutes usually does the trick.

Now for the girls. Lets face it, it’s all about the girls, the dress, the shoes, flowers and details. We usually recommend one and a half hours for this. So assuming the getting ready locations aren’t miles away from each other then two and half hours for getting  ready photos is your start point. Your photographer needs to be at the ceremony location atleast 15 minutes at before the bride arrives. So again you need to factor in travel time for your photographer. But lets say 30 minutes for the sake of the discussion.

Again ceremony, congratulations, group and family photos will take an hour to and hour and a half depending on the length of the ceremony and how big your families are.